Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Handmade African Necklaces Make GREAT GIFTS!

These beautiful handmade necklaces come in three styles. "Style A" (pictured above LEFT)is a long necklace (or could be used as a bracelet) of colorful beads. It's approximately 48" in length, and it's one of those pieces that people always ask about. "Style B" (picture RIGHT) is the Metal Medallion (approx. 18-20"). "Style C" (pictured RIGHT - below) is similar to Style B, but is a handcrafted and hand-painted wooden medallion.

All 3 styles are available for $20 each, plus $5 shipping and handling. The same "Buy Now" link can be used that we set-up for T-SHIRTS - just please specify which Style Necklace you would like - OR what size T-SHIRT you want.

Again, Thank You so much for helping us bring our boys home, and for being a part of our miracle!

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