Friday, October 16, 2009

Wall of Faith

The last weekend in September was a special time for me as I co-hosted an annual women's conference in New York City called PureLife with Lynette Lewis. This was our seventh year producing the event together. My emotions were running high as I reflected on the conference last year which was only three weeks after my miscarriage.
Sorrow may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning!!!
It was such a joy to share the news of our adoption with the hundreds of women in attendance. The celebration was so sweet. It was fun to see all the beautiful ladies wearing our t-shirts to help support us to bring our boys home.
We took a moment at the Saturday morning session to write a statement of faith on a fabric covered wall that lined the front of the stage. I asked my mother to write my declaration for me. It was simply the word "Mommy." I can't wait to hear those words!
Our home study has been completed, so we are one step closer to our life changing voyage to Ethiopia.

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