Thursday, July 16, 2009

a picture says a thousand words

Has an image ever turned your world around?

On July 1st our lives were forever changed by an attachment to an email from a friend of mine. The photo was taken by our friend, Kelly Putty at an orphanage in Ethiopia. She is a professional photographer using her gift to help find forever families for the children in the waiting program at Hannah's Hope.

Words can't describe the emotions that ran through me when I first saw their little faces. I couldn't contain the tears as I tried to tell David to come and look at my computer. He pointed to the very children I was moved by and said "Let's get them".

Two weeks later our dining room table is covered with paper work. We have been approved by the Adoption Agency to pursue the adoption of these two precious brothers. We are discovering daily all that we need to learn about adoption and parenting, but we are not alone.
One of our dearest friends in Nashville received the same email and are adopting one of the other boys from Kelly's photos.
We are overjoyed to be walking through this process with such amazing family and friends!


  1. What a blessing! Congratulations!

  2. So excited for you and your family to be! Will be in prayer for all the provisions you need and then some! Good God - He is truly faithful!

  3. For some reason, that sounds just like him. "Lets get them." S simple, matter-of-fact and purposeful. LOLOL I LOVE 'that' in Pastor David! :-)

  4. love reading this start of "your family" over and over again! David and I already love them and can't wait to meet them- we are here for you guys every step of the way as you go get them and bring them home. How do you say PHILLY CHEESESTEAK in Amharic?

  5. oh my gosh! We are SO excited for you guys! I can't wait to meet them! What an amazing journey! You guys are going to be such awesome parents!

  6. SUPER CUTE>..I LOVE family blog with my ethiopian kids is